•Dijla Aluminum Co., Baghdad-Iraq:
Aluminum doors, inner partitions, windows, kitchens and curtain walls.

• Rozhano, Erbil-Iraq: (Video)
Tempering, isolating double glass, curtain walls and furniture.

• IIALCO, Erbil-Iraq:
Aluminum doors, inner partitions, windows and curtain walls.                          

 • DormaKaba, Erbil-Iraq:
products, solutions and services for secure access to buildings and rooms.  





• Dijla Electrical, Baghdad-Iraq:
Circuit breakers for high and low tension 
electricity, electrical kiosks and transformers.

• Middle East Waters, Baghdad-Iraq:
Water/waste water systems contracting in
treatment/distribution, irrigation projects and pumping stations.

• UIIT, Baghdad-Iraq:
CISCO and MICROSOFT partners for LAN networking.

• Dijla Real Estate, Baghdad-Iraq:
Housing and commercial properties.

• Shuaa Real Estate, Amman-Jordan:
Housing and commercial properties.

• Onix Investment, Toronto-Canada:
Housing and commercial properties.           

Maxima Enterprises Inc., Toronto-Canada:
Real estate investment.                





• DMS Dijla Marine Services, Baghdad-Iraq:
Clearing, forwarding and logistics in Iraq.

• Najd Import and Export, Amman-Jordan:
Import and Export trading in Jordan.

Azmar Trading, Amman-Jordan:
Ahmad Tea agents in Jordan.