About Us

Timeline of Dijla Group:
In 1978, Dijla Group was established.

In 1991, Dijla Group opened a regional office in Amman - Jordan, to facilitate, bank transactions and imports.

In 1996 Najd company, a subsidiary, of Dijla Group was established in Amman.

In 1998 Dijla Group, due to the diversification of business throughout the Middle East, formed a business alliance with K&K in Lebanon.

In 2001, Golden Frond Trading Co. L.L.C joined our group as our Branch office in Dubai - UAE.

In 2008 Dijla Group opened a new Factory of Glass where the First Factory of Glass modification established in the North of Iraq (Erbil) under the name of ROZAHNO.

In 2012 DORMA Company for premium access solutions & services joined our Group to be its distributor sales representative.

In 2013 Dijla Group opened a new Factory specialist in modification and manufacture of Italian Aluminum in the north of Iraq (Erbil), Iraqi Italian Company.

In 2016 Dijla Group opened a new branch of investments in Toronto Canada under the name of Onix Investments.

Partnerships and memberships of Dijla Group:

Dijla Group was also officially entrusted to handle imports to Iraq under the UNs memorandum of understanding (MOU, also known as the "Oil For Food Program").
Dijla Group is a member of the Jordan American Business Association- JABA.

Why Dijla Group?

• The group has a long record of experience in large-scale projects, working alongside reputable partners and clients.
• Facilitated business for partners and investors who have expressed an interest to invest on Iraqi territory.
• A multi-disciplinary group of companies who have employed our teams to support and complement each other in their services.
• Give great importance to the quality of work with regards to how it is done and assure our clients the timelines in the delivery of our services and products.

The aim of Dijla Group has always centered on materializing a vision of a technologically developed Iraq. Given the current circumstances of the country, we see ourselves dedicating our teams, with more intent than ever, to the reconstruction of Iraq. Therefore, we have taken upon ourselves to do our utmost in order to be one of the entities participating in the rebuilding of a prosperous, highly developed country.

Our fields of expertise will contribute to the fulfillment of our vision. In addition, our multi-disciplinary teams of highly experienced professionals will ensure that unsurpassed quality of work, coupled with cost-effectiveness and timely delivery will be our trademark.



ISO 9001:2008.

Quality management systems.